Image by Daniel Smyth
Image by Daniel Smyth

CNC machining services by ATOEC offer milling and turning capabilities using the latest in manufacturing technology to guarantee great results with precision machining.



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ATOEC International Engineering and Consultancy company established in 2013 in Istanbul, which provides engineering and technical services in many engineering sectors...

ATOEC offers a wide range of services such as consulting, management and mechanical engineering designing and manufacturing through its local network resources covering the entire Turkish companies and segments with its related industries in addition to its core-manufacturing segment.


Our vision is to build on the ATOEC tradition of manufacturing excellence and continue to grow to become a market leader in the supply of process equipment to the production and energy sectors  there by establishing ourselves as a critical building block in our customers’ mission of sustaining life...

  • Engineering Consultations

  • Designing production lines

  • Machining and manufacturing

  • Contracting

  • Products innovation

  • Sales and Networking

  • Marketing

  • Turnkey projects